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S&A Industrial Water Chiller Unit CW-5300 for Cooling 14KW CNC Spindle[ 04-13 09:12 ]
In order to serve the customers better all over the world, our website provides different language versions and we establish the service points in Russia, Australia, Czech, India, Korea and Taiwan so that customers can have faster access to our industrial water chiller units.
S&A Laser Recirculating Chiller CWFL-1000 Provides Effective Cooling for Fiber Laser Staineless Steel Door Cutting Machine[ 04-11 09:16 ]
Recently, he left a message in our official website and asked if we had a laser recirculating chiller model which was applicable to cool 1000W fiber laser source. Well, our laser recirculating chiller CWFL-1000 specially designed for cooling 1000W fiber laser and characterized by dual temperature control system with precise temperature control can meet his requirement.
S&A Closed Loop Water Chiller Unit CWFL-2000 for Cooling Laser Welding Machine[ 04-10 09:13 ]
S&A: Well, according to your requirement, our closed loop water chiller unit CWFL-2000 can become your ideal option. It is specially designed for cooling 2000W fiber laser and is charged with R-410a which is friendly to the environment.
S&A Small Water Chiller CW5000 for Cooling CNC Wood Cutting and Engraving Machine[ 04-09 09:17 ]
At last, according to the parameters provided, we recommended our small water chiller CW-5000 which features compact design, ease of use, high reliability and stable cooling performance and he purchased 10 units of them.
S&A Water Chiller Machine CWUL-05 for Cooling UV Laser Drone Marking Machine[ 04-08 09:13 ]
S&A water chiller machine CWUL-05 is specially designed for cooling UV laser and features small size and precise temperature control, which makes it the popular accessory for UV laser marking machines used in micro-processing.
S&A Refrigeration Water Chiller Unit CW-6100 for Cooling Laser Welding Machine[ 04-07 09:14 ]
Mr. Jackson is a purchasing manager of a America-based electric vehicle battery processing company and his company uses 20 units of laser welding machines in the production. Recently he needed to find a new refrigeration water chiller unit supplier.
S&A Refrigeration Industrial Water Chiller CW-5200 for Cooling CO2 Laser Tube[ 04-03 09:15 ]
Mr. Wilkinson is the owner of a small diamond processing factory in Australia. During the process, a laser diamond cutting machine whose laser source is 130W Reci CO2 laser tube is used.
S&A Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller CW-6200 for Cooling Shoe Injection Molding Machine[ 04-02 09:13 ]
In the shoe making business, injection molding machines are often used because of their high production efficiency and the fact that the quality of the shoes they make is rather good.
S&A Water Chiller System CWFL-1000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 04-01 09:12 ]
His factory recently purchased 20 units of fiber laser cutting machines to cut the metal plates which will further be used as decks. Their fiber laser cutting machines are powered by 1000W IPG fiber lasers. He had to purchase a dozen of water chiller systems to cool the IPG fiber lasers to make sure the laser output is stable.
S&A Air Cooled Water Chiller Unit CW5200 for Cooling 1KW UV LED[ 03-30 09:12 ]
According to Mr. Brindus, the UV LED light source of the UV LED curing equipment is 1KW. Therefore, we recommended air cooled water chiller unit CW-5200 to him. S&A air cooled water chiller unit CW-5200 features the cooling capacity of 1400W.
S&A Circulating Air Cooled Water Chiller CW-6100 for Cooling High Speed Fiber Laser Marking Machine[ 03-29 09:21 ]
This whole container of full of circulating air cooled water chillers CW-6100 are ordered by Mr. Uresin who is our regular customer in Turkey. His company used to provide fiber laser marking service for the medicine sector. This year, the business expands to the food and beverage sector.
S&A Portable Air Cooled Water Chiller CW-5000 for Cooling 80W CO2 Laser Tube[ 03-28 09:17 ]
He wanted to purchase a portable air cooled water chiller for cooling the 80W CO2 laser tube of his hobby laser engraving machine. Since our portable air cooled water chiller CW-5000 can perfectly cool down 80W CO2 laser tube, he placed the order of 1 unit in the end.
S&A Closed Loop Water Chiller Unit CW-7900 for Cooling High Power Industrial Equipment[ 03-27 09:08 ]
S&A closed loop water chiller unit CW-7900 features the cooling capacity of 30KW and the temperature stability of ±1℃ in addition to two temperature control modes. It can greatly assist the cooling tower in cooling the high power industrial equipment for Mr. Nikolas.
S&A Air Cooled Water Chiller Unit CW-5300 for Cooling Beer Fermentation Tank[ 03-26 09:15 ]
Mr. Reymond who is a brewery owner in Spain had been searching for an air cooled water chiller unit to cool the beer fermentation tank. He became very interested in our air cooled water chiller unit CW-5300 after he browsing our official website, for the temperature control accuracy of ±0.3℃ and the cooling capacity of this chiller met his requirement.
A Belarus Client Purchased S&A Small Water Chiller Machine CWUL-05 Because of Its Compact Design[ 03-25 09:12 ]
The dimension of the refrigeration water chiller machine should be small, for his workplace is not so big. Well, we happen to have a water chiller model which is small and can cool the UV laser marking machine.
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