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Looking for an Environmental Friendly Laser Chiller with Low Noise Level? Just Contact S&A![ 05-06 09:20 ]
In addition, air cooled laser chiller CWFL-1500 is characterized by dual temperature control system applicable to cool the fiber laser and the QBH connector/optics at the same time. That means one chiller machine can cool two different parts of the laser equipment.
S&A Portable Industrial Chiller CW3000 for CNC Wooden Furniture Engraving Machine[ 05-05 09:11 ]
Last month, his CNC woodworking engraving machine started to work abnormally. The engraving accuracy decreased and dislocation occurred. Having the machine checked, it turned out that the spindle of the CNC woodworking engraving machine was overheated during working.
S&A Small Industrial Water Chiller CW-5000 for Cooling CO2 Laser Marking Machine[ 04-30 09:12 ]
CO2 laser glass tube inside is likely to burst if it works under high temperature for a long time. Therefore, it is very necessary to equip with S&A small industrial water chiller CW-5000 to provide effective and stable cooling.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CW-6200 for Cooling UV LED Light Source[ 04-29 10:02 ]
Mr. Lopez owns a book printing factory in Mexico and there are a dozen of UV LED printers in his factory. Recently, he contacted us and said he needed to buy some new industrial water chiller systems to cool the UV LED light source of the printers, but he wasn’t sure which one to choose. Well, we gave him the following model selection advice.
Industrial Water Chiller System CW-5300 for Acrylic Laser Engraving Machine[ 04-28 09:08 ]
Mr. Ali began to laser engrave the personalized acrylic mobile phone shell last year. To do his laser engraving job, he needed to operate a laser engraving machine whose laser power is 150W CO2 laser glass tube.
S&A Circulating Industrial Water Chiller Machine CWFL3000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Metal Plate Cutting Machine[ 04-26 09:13 ]
Last week, he left a message in our official website and said he just purchased a fiber laser cutting machine whose laser source was 3000W IPG fiber laser and asked if we could provide a circulating industrial water chiller machine which is suitable to cool 3000W IPG fiber laser.
S&A Air Cooled Industrial Chiller CW-6100 for Cooling Laser Cleaning Machine[ 04-25 02:31 ]
Laser cleaning machine has been increasingly used to remove the rust from the metal. As we know, when the metal is under humid environment for a long time, it will have chemical reaction with water and that’s how rust is born.
S&A Rack Mount Water Chiller Machine RM-300 for Cooling UV Laser Keyboard Marking Machine[ 04-24 09:11 ]
Mr. Mohammad owns a small keyboard manufacturing factory in Afghanistan and he purchased several UV laser marking machines a few months ago to replace the old ink printing machines. He searched the Internet and was quite interested in our rack mount water chiller machine RM-300.
S&A Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller System CWFL-2000 for Cooling Medical Tools Fiber Laser Welding Machine[ 04-23 09:12 ]
After detailed checking by a technician, the technician told Mr. Bosnell that it was because the fiber lasers of the fiber laser welding machines were overheated and they needed to be equipped with industrial air cooled water chiller system.
S&A Water Chiller Machine CWFL-1500 is Applicable to Cool Thin Metal Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 04-22 09:12 ]
He purchased a few thin metal plate fiber laser cutting machines 3 years ago and some local water chillers went with these laser cutting machines.
S&A Refrigeration Industrial Water Chiller CW6000 for Cooling PVC Pipe Laser Cutting Machine[ 04-19 09:13 ]
He purchased a few CO2 laser cutting machines to cut the PVC pipe half a year ago and his supplier told him to contact us since they didn’t provide refrigeration industrial water chiller.
S&A Small Air Cooled Water Chiller CWUL-05 for Cooling Sports Watch UV Laser Marking Machine[ 04-18 09:04 ]
He purchased 10 units of UV laser marking machines to do the marking and he needed to equip them with air cooled water chillers. He contacted us and raised only 1 requirement: The temperature stability should be ±0.3℃ or more stabler.
S&A Small Recirculating Water Chiller CW5000 for Cooling Pet ID Tag Laser Engraving Machine[ 04-17 09:13 ]
At the same time, he also added a small recirculating water chiller CW-5000, for it can guarantee the normal working of portable laser engraving machine by providing effective cooling.
S&A CNC Recirculation Water chiller CW3000 for Cooling CNC Spindle Engraving Machine[ 04-16 09:12 ]
Mr. Gavijon from Israel recently contacted us for buying a recirculation water chiller for his CNC engraving machine spindle with small heat load and he just placed the order of a unit of reciculation water chiller CW-3000 directly.
S&A Industrial Small Water Chiller CWUL-10 for Cooling Basketball UV Laser Marking Machine[ 04-15 13:10 ]
Well, the lasting and delicate markings on Mr. Carlos’ basketballs are also part of the effort of our small water chiller CWUL-10, for it provides effective cooling for the UV laser marking machines to keep the UV laser marking machine from overheating.
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