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S&A Industrial Water Chiller CW5200 for CO2 Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine[ 05-30 09:10 ]
And yesterday, he called and told us that these 20 units of industrial water chiller units CW-5200 had already put into use to cool 20 units of CO2 laser acrylic cutting machines.
S&A Closed Circuit Water Chiller CW-6200 for Cooling Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-29 09:13 ]
They are powered by 600W CO2 laser tubes. You see, one of my friends recommended you to me. I checked your website and found there are quite a few closed circuit water chillers to choose, but I don’t know which one is suitable to cool 600W CO2 laser tube. Can you tell me ?
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Unit CWUL-10 Provides Stable Cooling for UV Laser Marking Machine[ 05-28 09:02 ]
Recently he was going to purchase industrial water chiller units to cool the UV laser marking machines, but after days of searching on the Internet, he didn’t find the ideal one. Therefore, he turned to his friend for help and his friend happened to be our regular client and recommended us.
S&A Laser Cooling Chiller CWFL-2000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-27 09:13 ]
Mr. Lamprou from Greek runs a small metal plate cutting factory and he uses several fiber laser cutting machines in the production process. Lately he needed to purchase some new laser cooling chillers and he consulted us.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CW-5200 for Cooling Acrylic Polishing Machine[ 05-24 09:10 ]
Well, we appreciate the compliment from that client and we are proud of our industrial water chiller system. The industrial water chiller system he uses is CW-5200. It has stable water circulation during working and plays an important role in guaranteeing the normal working of his acrylic polishing machine.
S&A Industrial Water Cooler CW-6100 for Cooling 3.6KW UV LED Printing Machine[ 05-23 09:12 ]
The power of his UV LED light source is 3.6KW and we suggest him to choose S&A industrial water cooler CW-6100. Since this is the first time he purchased industrial water cooler, he wasn’t quite sure if this was the right model, so he turned to his friends for suggestion.
S&A Laser Cooling Chiller CWFL-1000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine[ 05-22 09:11 ]
Indeed, just like fish can not live without water, the fiber laser can not work stably in a long-term basis without the cooling from laser cooling chiller. Therefore, his friend recommended us and he purchased 8 units of laser cooling chillers CWFL-1000 according to the specifications he gave to us.
Which water can serve as circulating water of water chiller unit which cools uv laser marking machine?[ 05-21 09:12 ]
Which water can serve as circulating water of water chiller unit which cools uv laser marking machine?
S&A Water Chiller Machine CWFL-6000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-20 09:12 ]
Well, this Belarus client has a high power fiber laser cutting machine which is powered by 6KW fiber laser. He checked our website and found that our water chiller machine CWFL-6000 is specially designed for cooling 6KW fiber laser.
S&A Water Chiller Machine CW-5200 is Applicable to Cool CO2 Laser Trademark Cutting Machine[ 05-17 09:22 ]
In the end, he purchased two S&A water chiller machines CW-5200. After he bought our genuine S&A water chiller machines, he said that he felt such a relief and he didn’t need to think of the unnecessary repair cost.
S&A Water Cooling Chiller Unit CWFL-500 for Cooling Advertising Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-16 09:18 ]
Indeed, under high ambient temperature, the advertising laser cutting machine is more difficult to dissipate its own heat. Therefore, it is very necessary to equip with water cooling chiller unit.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Unit CW-5300 for Cooling Double Heating Bending Machine[ 05-15 09:13 ]
Mr. Kaniak from Austria needs to deal with the acrylic bending work in his daily routine. During the work, he uses a double heating bending machine. As we know, the processing temperature of the double heating bending machine can reach 400℃ and the bending angle ranges from 0°to 180°.
S&A Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller CW5000 for Cooling CO2 Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-14 09:12 ]
His friend recommended us and he checked our website and asked, “You see, I am going to purchase industrial air cooled water chillers to cool CO2 laser tubes of the laser cutting machine in my company and your CW-5000 industrial air cooled water chiller can fit.
Industrial Water Chiller Unit CWFL-2000 for Cooling Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-13 09:12 ]
The information he gathered ranges from the industrial water chiller unit’s precision and cooling capacity to the chiller supplier’s after-sales service and warranty period. And the industrial water chiller unit is expected to cool 2000W IPG fiber laser of the sheet metal laser cutting machine.
S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW5000 for Cooling Laboratory Analytical Equipment[ 05-11 09:20 ]
It looks like a challenging work, but we managed to work it out. In the end, we recommended recirculating water chiller CW-5000 whose temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.3℃, which is more accurate than many similar recirculating water chillers in the market.
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