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Lace Laser Cutting Machine is Equipped with S&A Small Water Chiller Unit CW 5000[ 06-19 09:10 ]
The lace laser cutting machine is powered by CO2 glass laser tube and combines the computer program & laser cutting technique, which can perform delicate and precise cutting on the lace.
PCB UV Laser Marking Machine and S&A Water Cooler Machine are Perfect Combination[ 06-18 09:25 ]
PCB chip is an delicate item and it requires micro-processing. What is the ideal processing equipment then? Well, the answer is UV laser marking machine.
S&A Closed Loop Refrigeration Water Chiller CW5200 for Low Power Metal Laser Cutting Machine[ 06-17 09:25 ]
S&A closed loop refrigeration water chiller CW-5200 is characterized by the cooling capacity of 1400W and the pump lift of 25m.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Unit CW5200 for Cooling USB Stick CO2 Laser marking Machine[ 06-15 09:13 ]
Mr. Dimchev is a laser marking service provider in Bulgaria and he has several 130W DC CO2 laser marking machines.
S&A Water Chiller System CW-6000 for Cooling Laser Welding Machine[ 06-14 09:20 ]
Well, the correct way to choose water chiller system for laser welding machine should be based on the heat load or the cooling requirement of your laser welding machine.
5W UV Laser Marking Machine Can be Cooled by S&A Portable Water Chiller Effectively[ 06-13 09:13 ]
For the past two years, Mr. Narvaez has been using our portable water chiller CWUL-05 to cool his UV laser marking machine. Because of the precise temperature control, less light wastage occurred, which saves him lots of money and he is so happy that he chose us as a business partner.
S&A Air Cooled Recirculating Chiller CWFL-3000 for 3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 06-12 09:16 ]
Well, we appreciate the trust from Mr. Bhanu and we are so proud of our air cooled recirculating chillers CWFL-3000 and our after-sales service.
S&A Industrial Chiller Unit CW 5000 for Cooling HANS UV Laser Printer for Shoes[ 06-11 09:05 ]
Under the stable cooling provided by industrial chiller units CW-5000, these UV laser printers work quite efficiently, which greatly shortens the shoe making time in the long run. This shows that S&A industrial chiller unit perfectly fits in the intelligent shoes making industry.
1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is Equipped with S&A Dual Circuit Water Chiller CWFL-1500[ 06-10 09:13 ]
S&A CWFL series dual circuit water chiller is equipped with imported compressor and water pump of famous brands and has powerful cooling performance.
S&A Air Cooled Chiller CWFL-500 for Cooling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 06-06 09:27 ]
He searched the Internet and purchased 3 different air cooled chillers from 3 different chiller suppliers respectively and S&A is one of them. He made a comparison by doing some tests in temperature control accuracy and the time to start refrigerating.
S&A CW 5000 Portable Water Chiller for Automatic Leather Laser Cutting Machine[ 06-05 09:23 ]
He often does some market research and finds that S&A portable water chillers are very popular in Thailand and he is quite impressed by the precise temperature control of the chillers.
S&A Portable Water Chiller CWUL-10 for Cooling Beverage Bottle UV Laser Marking Machine[ 06-04 09:24 ]
Mr. Gelder from Netherlands is the purchasing manager of a beverage manufacturing company. During the production process, the QR code needs to be printed on the beverage bottle by several UV laser marking machines. These UV laser marking machines are powered by 15W UV lasers.
Fiber Laser Welding Machine Can be Cooled by Industrial Water Chiller System CWFL-1000[ 06-03 09:17 ]
Nowadays, the production efficiency has been increased to an unprecedentedly high level. Many big projects used to take a long time to finish, but now it only takes a few days or even a few hours. Mini car is an example. All these thanks to the robot, fiber laser welding machine technology and its great helper- industrial water chiller system.
Printed Textile Laser Cutting Machine is Equipped with S&A Water Chiller Unit CW-5000[ 06-01 09:17 ]
In the printed textile show, we saw many of our water chiller units standing beside the laser cutting machines in quite a lot of suppliers’ booths. The most popular one is water chiller unit CW-5000.
S&A Water Chiller Machine CWFL-2000 for Fiber Laser Welding Machine[ 05-31 09:12 ]
In the production process, he uses a dozen of fiber laser welding machines which are powered by 2000W IPG fiber lasers to do the welding job on the frame and uses S&A water chiller machine CWFL-2000 to cool down the IPG fiber lasers.
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