S&A Industrial chiller expert16-year dedications to laser chiller,annual sales volume of 60,000 units
laser marking machine water chiller
S&A Water Chiller Machine CWFL-2000 Provides Stable Cooling for Thin Metal Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-27 09:23 ]
He did a research in the local laser cutting market and found many thin metal laser cutting machine users use S&A water chiller machine, so he purchased one unit of S&A water chiller machine CWFL-2000 for trial.
S&A Small Industrial Water Cooler CW-6000 Provides Good Protection for Automobile SRS Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-26 09:13 ]
Last month, he purchased several laser cutting machines to process the automobile SRS for the famous automobile company.
S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW-5000 for Cooling Bottle Cap UV Laser Marking Machine[ 07-25 09:26 ]
As we all know, UV laser marking machine is expensive, so it requires the cooling partner to be reliable and stable. Well, stability and reliability are the characteristics of S&A recirculating water chiller.
Medial Equipment Also Needs the External Cooling from S&A Recirculating Air Cooled Water Chiller[ 07-24 09:12 ]
However, they often encounter one difficulty -- How to choose the proper recirculating air cooled water chiller?
1500W Fiber Laser Can be Equipped With S&A Water Chiller Unit CWFL-1500[ 07-23 09:16 ]
Last year, Mr. Hansen left a message in our official website. He was looking for an industrial chiller machine for his lab test.
S&A Recirculating Water Chiller CW-5200 for Cooling UV Laser Marking Machine[ 07-22 09:20 ]
Mr. Hampai from Italy needs to purchase a recirculating water chiller to cool the UV laser marking machine, but he didn’t know which one to choose, so he purchased 3 different brands including S&A in a test of precision.
S&A Industrial Water Cooler CW5000 for Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine[ 07-19 09:15 ]
According to our representatives in India service point, these 10 units of S&A industrial water coolers CW-5000 are used to cool laser cutting & engraving machines.
S&A Industrial Laser Chiller CWFL-2000 for Cooling Tube Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-18 09:22 ]
Mr. Choi just became the owner of a small tube processing factory in Korea. He purchased several tube fiber laser cutting machines a few weeks ago. After using them for a few days, he found that the 2000W fiber lasers of those laser cutting machines become overheating very easily.
S&A Water Chiller Unit CWUL-10 for Cooling Ultra-Precise Chip Laser Marking Machine[ 07-17 09:12 ]
Comparing with ordinary laser marking machine, ultra-precise UV laser marking machine has more precise marking effect and is applicable to create patterns and numbers on the very tiny chip.
S&A Industrial Chiller System is Applicable to Cool 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-16 09:13 ]
Mr.Chua , a laser cutting service provider in Singapore, imported a 1500W fiber laser cutting machine from China.
S&A Small Industrial Chiller Unit CW-5200 for Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-15 09:10 ]
S&A small industrial chiller unit CW-5200 goes through a series of rigid tests in the laboratory testing system to simulate the actual working environment of the chiller.
A Vietnamese Client Selected S&A Portable Industrial Chiller to Cool Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-13 09:17 ]
It is widely applied in garment, fabric, leather, printing and decoration industries. In terms of the cooling, water cooling is the common way. So, how to cool down the CO2 glass laser effectively? Let’s S&A portable industrial chiller show you how.
S&A Refrigerated Water Chiller Unit CW-6000 for High Efficiency Deep Penetration Arc Welding Machine[ 07-12 09:22 ]
High efficiency deep penetration arc welding machine requires the equipped refrigerated water chiller unit to be stable and precise and these are the characteristics of S&A refrigerated water chiller unit CW-6000.
S&A Refrigerated Air Cooled Water Chiller CWUL-05 for 355nm UV Laser Marking Machine[ 07-11 09:13 ]
Like the S&A refrigerated air cooled water chiller CWUL-05 that Mr. Willemse from Netherlands purchased to cool 355nm UV laser marking machine.
What is Your Heat Dissipating Type Portable Industrial Chiller ? Asked by a Japanese Client[ 07-10 09:17 ]
Last month, Mr. Usui from Japan gave us a phone call, “Do you sell small size industrial chiller? We are going to use it to cool the low power laser engraving machine. And I learned from my friend that you have a heat dissipating type industrial chiller. What is the model name?”
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