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laser marking machine water chiller
S&A Small Water Chiller CW-3000 for Cooling Advertising High Speed CNC Engraving Machine[ 08-15 09:21 ]
CW-3000 is a water chiller with low energy consumption with 9L water tank. It features the radiating capacity of 50W/℃, which can meet the cooling requirement of the spindle of the acrylic CNC engraving machine.
1000W Fiber Laser Can be Cooled by Industrial Water Chiller CWFL-1000[ 08-14 09:25 ]
Many clients ask the similar questions about the model selections. In fact, choosing the right industrial water chiller is quite simple.
S&A Air Cooled Water Chiller System CW-6200 for Cooling Solar Panel Laser Welding Machine[ 08-13 09:26 ]
Well, the welding and binding effect is excellent. Fiber laser welding machine can not only weld copper with copper but also weld copper with aluminum, which is very convenient.
Industrial Process Water Chiller CWFL-2000 is Used for Cooling Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine[ 08-12 09:24 ]
Mr. Kim works for a processing company which deals with metal tube of fitness equipment. The metal tube ranges from square tube to D-shaped tube and he purchased several 2KW fiber laser cutting machines which can cut metal tubes of different shapes.
S&A Indoor Water Chiller Unit CW 3000 for Cooling CNC Wood Laser Engraver[ 08-10 09:16 ]
Mr. Simpson is the owner of a New Zealand based woodworking workshop owner. Last year, he purchased a CNC wood laser engraver which is equipped with a water chiller unit of the local brand.
S&A Air Cooled Water Chiller Unit CW5200 for Cooling Cardboard Laser Cutting Machine[ 08-09 09:24 ]
What’s more, it can boost the cutting efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, many users abandon the traditional cutting tools and purchase the advanced cardboard laser cutting machines.
S&A Portable Water Chiller Unit CW5200 is Suitable to Cool Entry-Level CO2 Laser Cutter[ 08-08 09:30 ]
That’s why Mr. Smith, who is a laser cutting DIY fanatic in UK, purchased an entry-level CO2 laser cutter and the auxiliary cooling device with equally easy operation -- S&A portable water chiller unit CW-5200.
S&A Recirculating Air Cooled Chiller CWFL-500 Applies to Cool Integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 08-07 09:22 ]
In June, we received the compliment e-mail from a Netherlands user on our recirculating air cooled chiller CWFL-500.
S&A Small Chiller Unit CW5000 for Cooling Hobby Laser of an Australian User[ 08-06 09:26 ]
With the recommendation from his friend, he found us and purchased small chiller unit CW-5000. After using this chiller, he is so pleased with the fact that small chiller unit CW-5000 cools down the CO2 laser glass tube very effectively and becomes a good helper.
S&A Portable Water Chiller CW5000 for Cooling Acrylic Words Laser Engraving Machine[ 08-05 09:16 ]
Well, the answer is S&A portable water chiller CW-5000. S&A portable water chiller CW-5000 features the cooling capacity of 800W and the temperature stability of ±0.3℃, which can keep the acrylic words laser engraving machine from overheating very effectively.
S&A Air Cooled Water Chiller CW-7500 is Applied in Cooling 3D Laser Denim Washing Machine[ 08-02 09:16 ]
Mr. Henry from Peru has a 3D laser denim washing machine and he was going to purchase an air cooled water chiller to cool the machine.
4-Axis Laser Welding Machine Works Normally Under Stable Cooling from S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CW-6100[ 08-01 09:26 ]
This time, with the cooling requirements provided, we propose S&A industrial water chiller system CW-6100 to cool the 4-axis laser welding machine.
S&A High Power Industrial Water Chiller System CWFL-3000 for Plate & Tube Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-31 09:15 ]
Last year, Mr. Abdul expanded his business to plate & tube fiber laser cutting service for the local industrial companies. In addition to several plate&tube fiber laser cutting machines, he also purchased 5 units of S&A refrigeration air cooled chillers CWFL-3000.
Jewelry UV Laser Marking Machine is Equipped with S&A Small Industrial Chiller CWUL-10[ 07-30 09:26 ]
According to Mr. Tosun, the reason why he chose S&A small industrial chiller CWUL-10 is that S&A is very famous in Turkey and what’s more, this chiller model is specially designed for cooling UV laser with the temperature stability of ±0.3℃.
S&A Industrial Chiller System CW-5300 is Applicable to Cool Intelligent Textile Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-29 10:15 ]
The garment that this system makes has beautiful design and delicate cutting. The cutting equipment inside is an intelligent textile laser cutting machine which is equipped with S&A industrial chiller system CW-5300.
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