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S&A Water Chiller System CW-6200 Provides Stable Cooling for 3D 5-axis Laser Cutting Machine[ 03-02 09:21 ]
Mr. Ali is the owner of a start-up company which is located in Pakistan and specializes in manufacturing 3D 5-axis laser cutting machines. Since this is the first time he purchased water chiller systems to cool his laser machines, he purchased 3 different brands of water chiller systems including S&A water chiller system CW-6200 to do a series of tests.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Equipment CWFL-4000 for Cooling IPG Fiber Laser[ 03-01 09:14 ]
Mr. Malek is the purchasing manager of a Jordan-based fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers and their end users are the local elevator manufacturing companies. Their fiber laser cutting machine is powered by 4KW IPG YLS laser source.
S&A Compact Refrigeration Industrial Chiller CW-5000 for Cooling PICO Laser of a Japanese Mobile Laser Cleaning Unit[ 02-28 09:21 ]
Seeing this trend, Mr. Tanaka set up a Japanese company which specializes in manufacturing mobile laser cleaning machines in 2016. Their mobile laser cleaning machines are powered by PICO laser. Last year, he sent us an e-mail, for he was looking for chillers to cool the PICO laser.
In Addition to Low Power Water Chillers, Do You Know S&A also Manufacture High Power Water Chillers?[ 02-27 09:17 ]
Mr. Pearson from Australia recently introduced a 15kw high frequency fiber laser welder and he was seeking a high power air cooled water chiller machine to cool the welder, but he couldn’t find the ideal one.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Equipment CW-6000 for Cooling Spanish Induction Furnace[ 02-26 09:12 ]
Having one break-down experience of the induction furnace before because of overheating problem, Mr. Gálvez who is the owner of a Spanish metal processing factory learned the lesson and purchased 1 unit of S&A industrial water chiller equipment CW-6000 to cool the induction furnace which is used to melt silver.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CWFL-1500 Cools Fiber Laser CNC Cutting Machine[ 02-25 09:07 ]
Mr. Lertwanit from Thailand is the owner of a technology company. His company produces plasma cnc cutting machines with many years of experience and this year they will launch fiber laser cnc cutting machines.
S&A Air Cooled Water Chiller Machine CWUL-05 for Cooling Israeli Laser Marking Machine[ 02-22 09:11 ]
According to him, after equipping with S&A air cooled water chiller machines CWUL-05, the efficiency of the laser marking machine has increased to a great extent and he is so pleased that he chose us instead of other water chiller brands.
An Indian Buyer Purchased S&A Water Chiller Unit CWFL-3000 for Cooling High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 02-21 09:05 ]
He realized he had to buy the right water chiller unit. He then learned from his peers that S&A produced high-quality refrigeration recirculating water chiller unit and purchased 1 unit of water chiller unit CWFL-3000 in the end.
S&A Refrigeration Small Water Chiller CW-5000 Helps Cool the Fiber Laser in a US Laboratory[ 02-20 09:07 ]
Last week, Mr. Geoffrey who is a professor of a highly ranked university in the US contacted us. He was interested in purchasing a water chiller to cool a fiber laser for use in a Physics laboratory.
S&A is Honored to Make a Small Contribution to Korean Research Institute[ 02-19 09:12 ]
Well, for our standard industrial chiller CW models, the temperature control range is 5-35 degree Celsius, but we suggest the best running temperature is 20-30 degree Celsius when the chiller can work best and extend its life cycle.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller Equipment CWFL-1000 Cools Semi-Automatic Metal Laser Cutting Machine Effectively[ 02-18 09:03 ]
Mr. Parker tells us that the end-users are satisfied with the cooling performance of industrial water chiller equipment CWFL-1000. He also tells us that the reliability and durability of the chiller helps promote the sales of the semi-automatic metal laser cutting machines.
S&A Small Water Chillers Provide Precise Temperature Control for German Laser Device[ 02-16 09:14 ]
At last, he purchased three models of our small water chillers, totally 11 units. What are these 3 models? They are 5 units of water chillers CW-3000, 5 units of water chillers CW-5000 and 1 unit of water chiller CW-5200.
Laser Diode Can Be Cooled by S&A Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller CW-5000[ 02-15 09:05 ]
Mr. Oliver is the purchasing manager of a Jamaican laser diode manufacturing company and he knew us from CIIF 2017. He was quite interested in S&A air cooled industrial water chiller CW-5000 and made an in-bulk order at CIIF.
S&A CWFL Series Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller Machine for Cooling Fiber Laser[ 02-14 09:13 ]
The laser source of his laser cutter is fiber laser. It is known to all that there are two parts of the fiber laser that need to be cooled down. One is the fiber laser main body and the other is the optics.
S&A Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller CWFL800 is Ideal for Cooling Israel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 01-24 09:21 ]
He tells us that our industrial air cooled water chiller enjoys great reputation in Israel and most of the fiber laser cutting machine users equip their fiber laser cutting machines with S&A industrial water chillers. With the specification he needed, he purchased industrial air cooled water chiller CWFL-800 in the end.
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