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S&A Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller CWFL-1000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 03-22 09:12 ]
Mr. Zijlstra works for a Holland-based technology company whose product range includes different kinds of laser cutting machines. As the environmental protection becomes a heated topic, his company adopts the green method in the production process.
S&A Refrigeration Air Cooled Water Chiller CW-5200 Helps Cool Down CO2 Laser Glass Tube[ 03-21 09:12 ]
Well, we established service points in Russia, Australia, Czech, India, Korea and Taiwan and we have told our service point in Czech to arrange the delivery and the ordered S&A refrigeration air cooled water chiller CW-5200 will soon arrive at his place.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CWUL-10 for Cooling UV Laser Marking Machine[ 03-20 09:12 ]
Last year, Mr. Hien began his laser marking business in Vietnam and imported several UV laser marking machines from China. At the beginning, the marking effect was not satisfactory, so he turned to his friend for help.
S&A Intelligent Laser Cooling System Makes Fiber Laser Welding Robot Smarter[ 03-19 09:15 ]
Look! The fiber laser welding robot is busy working over there! Welding, turning and other tasks are being performed in a strict order, which draws much attention from the potential buyers.
Laser Diode Jewelry Engraving Machine Can be Equipped with Water Chiller Unit CW-5200[ 03-18 09:27 ]
He soon became famous in the local community and made a great fortune. He owed his success to the laser diode jewelry engraving machine and its inseparable partner: S&A water chiller unit CW-5200.
S&A Dual Cooling Circuit Water Chiller for Fiber Laser Plate & Tube Cutting Machine[ 03-16 09:13 ]
Under the stable cooling from S&A dual cooling circuit water chiller CWFL-1000, the fiber laser plate &tube cutting machine was showing the “magic”: many tubes of different shapes were being cut very quickly and the finished ones were free of burr, which amazed the visitors that went past by the booth.
What is the Role that Water Chiller System Plays in Home Décor of an American Buyer?[ 03-15 09:17 ]
As he put it, CO2 laser cutting machine and water chiller system are inseparable and the water chiller system CW-5000 plays an important role in cutting wooden furniture. Why would he say so?
S&A Water Chiller Machine CW-6200 is Applicable to Cool Fiber Laser Welding Machine[ 03-14 09:17 ]
During making the welding robots, fiber laser welding machines are needed. However, he found that the laser welding machine stopped very often and the supplier told him that it was because the waste heat generated from the machine wasn’t taken away in time. With the recommendation from the laser welding machine supplier, he contacted us.
S&A Rack Mount Small Water Chiller RM-300 for Cooling PCB UV Laser Marking Machine[ 03-13 09:13 ]
The accuracy of the UV laser marking has something to do with the water chiller. Therefore, finding a suitable water chiller for the UV laser marking machine is very important.
S&A Recirculating Water Chiller Unit CW-5300 for Fiber Laser Welding Machine[ 03-12 09:13 ]
A few weeks ago, Mr. Krouzel from Columbia was having difficulty in finding the recirculating water chiller unit of 110V for his fiber laser welding machine, for the chillers he searched online were either not meeting his cooling requirement or only 220V. After the recommendation from his friend, he reached us.
S&A Recirculating Water Chiller Machine is Ideal for Cooling Universal Laser Cutting Machine[ 03-11 09:27 ]
With the wide application of laser equipment, laser cooling machines as the necessary accessories of the laser equipment also find their way to thrive.
S&A Air Cooled Circulating Water Chiller CWFL-1000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 03-08 09:47 ]
After a few weeks of using, he thought it was necessary to upgrade the efficiency of the laser cutting machine a little bit, so he did a detailed research on the air cooled circulating chillers in the market and finally chose S&A water chiller CWFL-1000 for cooling the 1000W fiber laser cutting machine.
S&A Laser Water Cooling System CWUL-05 is Applicable to Cool UV Laser Marking Machine[ 03-07 09:14 ]
Well, according to Mr. Mangope, S&A laser water cooling system CWUL-05 is not only intelligent but also can save cost for him.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Needs the Cooling from S&A Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller[ 03-06 09:47 ]
According to him, equipping air cooled industrial water chiller CW-6200 is very necessary to create the delicate metal artwork, for the fiber laser cutting machine has always had extra waste heat that needs to be dissipated in time, so the fiber laser cutting machine needs the cooling from the water chiller.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CWFL-500 for Cooling Fiber Laser Welding Machine[ 03-04 09:12 ]
However, a fiber laser welding machine can’t fully release its welding power without the help of industrial water chiller system. Being a rational buyer, Mr. Galloso from Peru chose S&A Industrial Water Chiller System CWFL-500 among 10 other candidate chiller brands for cooling his fiber laser welding machine in the end.
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