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laser marking machine water chiller
S&A Refrigeration Water Chiller CWFL-12000 for Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Laser Cutting Machine[ 10-08 09:15 ]
Since this is the first time he purchased such an expensive fiber laser cutting machine, he didn’t want any bad thing happen, so he was eagerly looking for a reliable industrial water chiller to protect his fiber laser cutting machine.
S&A Small Air Cooled Water Chiller is Applicable to Cool Data Cable UV Laser Marking Machine[ 09-29 09:11 ]
Last week, Mr. Apriyani left a message in our website and said he was quite impressed by our water chiller machine CWUL-05 for its precision, so he wanted to know the price.
Industrial Water Cooler is Perfect for PCB UV Laser Micromachining Machine[ 09-26 10:23 ]
It is powered by UV laser with the wavelength of 355nm. This kind of precise machine needs the assistance from a very stable industrial water cooler and S&A water chiller unit CWUL-10 is a perfect candidate.
CNC Engraving Machine is Equipped with Industrial Chiller System[ 09-25 09:20 ]
This Vietnamese client has been our regular client for 2 years. Last year, they purchased nearly 50 units of industrial chiller systems CW-5000 in total.
Industrial Recirculating Water Chiller CW5200 for CO2 Laser Shoe Cutting Machine[ 09-24 09:18 ]
S&A industrial recirculating water chiller CW-5200 is one of our star products due to its stability, reliability and durability.
Industrial Chiller Unit CW-6000 is Suitable for Carbon Steel Laser Cutting Machine[ 09-23 10:05 ]
Mr. Clark just purchased this machine two months ago. However, the machine supplier didn’t equip the machine with industrial chiller unit. Therefore, Mr. Clark didn’t think it was necessary to add the industrial chiller unit.
CNC Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is Equipped With S&A Refrigerated Water Chiller[ 09-20 09:15 ]
With the detailed parameters provided, we suggested refrigerated water chiller CWFL-2000 to this new Austrian client. He was quite content with this chiller model and ordered 10 units eventually.
S&A Industrial Water Chiller CW-5300 for Large Format Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine[ 09-19 10:05 ]
In the end, he placed the order of 20 units in this first order. With great trust, he also asked us to recommend the company that delivers laser lenses in good quality.
S&A Industrial Water Cooler CWUL-05 for UV Laser Marking Machine[ 09-18 02:33 ]
People gradually know how they make -- by UV laser marking technique. So, why UV laser marking machine is so popular among the package industry?
Industrial Chiller Unit is Applicable to Cool 3000W IPG Fiber Laser[ 09-16 09:16 ]
IPG fiber laser has become one of the leading laser manufacturers in the world and is widely used in material processing, medical and high-end areas.
High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is Equipped with S&A Industrial Water Chiller CWFL-3000[ 09-15 09:17 ]
Mr. Owen from Australia has been using S&A industrial water chiller CWFL-3000 to cool his 3000W fiber laser cutting machine for nearly 3 years and he is quite satisfied with the cooling performance of the chiller and he has recommended us to many of his friends.
S&A Water Chiller System CWFL-2000 for Cooling Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine[ 09-11 03:07 ]
As is known to all, there are two components of fiber laser cutting machine that need to be cooled down: fiber laser and the cutting head.
S&A Portable Water Chiller CW 5200 is Suitable to Cool Laser Cleaning Machine[ 09-10 09:08 ]
Well, firstly, just like laser cleaning machine, S&A portable water chiller is also friendly to the environment, for it is charged with eco-friendly refrigerant and is CE, ISO, REACH and ROHS certificated.
Small Water Chiller CW3000 is Very Helpfu[ 09-09 09:15 ]
With 9L water tank inside, small water chiller CW-3000 can solve the overheating problem of the CNC engraving machine spindle effectively.
S&A Dual Temperature Water Chiller CWFL-1000 for High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 09-06 09:26 ]
Firstly, dual temperature water chiller has low & high temperature control system applicable to cool the fiber laser device and the cutting head at the same time.
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